Rio eu te amo

Rio eu te amo

Really happy with this new video release made by my friends from Conspiração filmes, such a wicked team! Pedro Levier, Gabri

Villas Puzzle

A mural that I did at my good friend Malu´s place…!

Light Painting

Amazing process and magical photos with my good friend Henrique Madeira…  


Back to the streets… Sailling at Rio de Janeiro

Copa Graffiti

This was one week of hard work but it definitely paid back. We were 6 friends (Rafo, Rafa Uzai, Bives, Mdga, Nicolau and me) p

Tom Zé

Tom Zé has always being one of my favourites Brazilian composers.. I spent half of my life listening to his songs. He was one

Vovó Cambinda

  Rio de Janeiro has a lot of those informal propaganda painted banners… I decided to make them more fun!



Pimp My Carroça

Last couple of weeks I was invited to get part in this really beautiful project, created by the street artist, Mundano, who de


This´s a big mural in a super conflictive area here in Rio de Janeiro. This area is quite dangerous, while I was painting the

San Jordi

Feliz dia de São Jorge! Feliç diada de Sant Jordi per tothom! Minha Homenagem ao Santo Guerreiro!


This weekend´s giant ass graffiti from Boris Hoppek + Nina + Villas + Antonio Bokel  


O equilibrista, collaboration with my friend MDG –  Rio de Janeiro


For Fashion Bussiness fair (Jockey Club, Rio de Janeiro) – Thanks to Camila and Ligia!

Pretos Novos

Grande Honra ter sido convidado para pintar esse pequeno mural no Instituto dos Pretos Novos. Lugar incrível e parte da nossa

My street

It´s been a while since I started to make characters made of wood and spread it around, like my birds… This time I want

New studio!

We had a great time celebrating with our friends our new studio in Rio de Janeiro!


Rio de Janeiro Barcelona


Yeah! First graffiti in Rio since I arrived here! Nice, nice! In the wall: Villas+Thiago+Ment+Mdga+Big

Verão da Cultura

Verão da Cultura,  at Parque Laje, Rio de Janeiro. Such a nice exhibition! Good to be back in Rio!

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